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June 10, 2008


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Wonder food, maybe. Makes you wonder, definitely.

BTW, Mystic Mango ROCKS (and it's opaque so you can't see the flappy bits)!


Pardon my ignorance, but exactly how is Kombucha imbibed? I challenge you to post a photo of the most artistic, creative, mouth-watering presentation of this magical elixir.
Can you spoon it over homemade gelato? Does it go well with tea and scones? Inquiring minds need to know!


Keep straining the Kombucha and all will be well!


It's like a cross between an iced-tea and a beer. I like to drink it straight up and it isn't the kind of thing that I think of "paired" with anything else!
It is Kombucha. And it stands alone.
Next time I see you, I'll bring you one!


Thanks for the bottle of cranberry Kambucha today. We passed it around at the dinner table and had it finished in several rounds. Only one family member, who is not fond of soda, found it too fizzy. I can see the attraction and the addiction. Also, I see the need for an extra glass-recycling bin in our family's future!


I just tried my first Kombucha. I love it and don't mind the floaty bits, it looks like lemon pulp. Although, those floaty bits subconsciously made me want to shake the bottle. I wasn't thinking and didn't read the back of the bottle where it says DO NOT SHAKE. You should have seen the goofy dance I did around the kitchen trying to get to the sink.

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